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Company Info

Fourtiers Ltd is an innovative, entrepreneurial organisation driven by a unique vision: to offer the next generation of small businesses a way to communicate effectively in a world that is increasingly competitive and reliant on information technology.


Fourtiers can relieve the stress and strain of looking after your day to day business infrastructure, some of the many gains from outsourcing your IT requirements to a our team of highly trained, friendly engineers are:-

  • No worrying about covering key IT staff whilst they are on holiday or sick leave
  • No more high tech Training budgets to cost in each year
  • Reliable backup and disaster recovery mechanisms put in place
  • Guaranteed service levels
  • The time to concentrate on making your business grow faster and more efficient.

The Small Business community is one of the fastest growing sectors. Small Businesses will be the major driving force behind the next economic cycle and much of this power will be generated by a revolution in communications that will transform their ability to find new customers and retain them through improved customer relationship management. The Small Business Market is the market of opportunity.


What We Offer The Business User

  • Fourtiers is well placed to become a key player in this rapidly evolving market and has developed a unique solution that enables small businesses to adopt technology in a manner that requires little I.T. Knowledge - and allows businesses to focus on what they do best - doing business! By combining unique products and services, Fourtiers delivers fully integrated voice and data communications along with the ability to look after and grow with your business IT needs.

Benefits to Customers & Channels

  • The Reseller has the opportunity to compete and win in a growing market, with a unique product and service offering which is easy to install and can realise sustainable revenue streams through product and most importantly service sales.
  • The Business User can now take greater control of their communications and data networks.
  • Fourtiers management team has many years experience in the computer and communications industries, with established players including 3com, Satelcom, Marks&Spencers and also in startups.
  • Fourtiers Ltd has offices in Tiverton, Swindon, Bristol and South Wales within the UK.