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Business Guardian, FAQ's



1. My telephone service is absolutely critical to my business! I thought server-based telephone systems, or the new so-called "un-PBXs" were unreliable.

Server-based "PBX" solutions are not always as reliable as their more traditional counterparts. However, the Business Guardian solution is not a server-based PBX. The BusinessGuardian system connects to a Windows NT or 2000 server and harnesses the power of the server to deliver powerful voicemail, messaging and CTI features; but, the system is designed in a unique way which ensures that even if the server is removed, users can still place telephone calls.


2. Does it really benefit me to consolidate all my communications into one system? Isn't this asking for trouble? Think about the costs associated with all of the current devices in your office. Not only are you paying for maintenance contracts on all of the devices and required to call multiple suppliers for sales and support, but you are likely paying rental for the telephone lines for each device. By consolidating the lines - most of which are not used all of the time - you can make a significant savings on your monthly service charges.


3. Does your solution come with a warranty? Who is going to support me when I have a problem or need help installing it? The BusinessGuardian system comes with a one-year warranty. If the product fails, simply send it back to your reseller and we'll repair it free of charge. However, as your telephone system is such an essential part of your business, we strongly recommend that you invest in a maintenance contract with your preferred reseller. All of our resellers have gone through an extensive training program to assure that they can resolve problems that may arise when using the system, or in the unusual event of equipment failure.


4.My voice and data communications are business critical. Is there any form of disaster recovery or emergency replacement service?

Yes, Fourtiers offer a Gold Support Service whereby the BusinessGuardian can be replaced, reconfigured and recommissioned within 24 hours. We do this by keeping a copy of your BusinessGuardian's configuration off-site and then entering this into the new system keeping down time to a minimum.


5.I don't have any real technical staff in my office. What if I need to make changes? Fourtiers has focussed on making the solution simple to use and understand. Telephone systems have traditionally been difficult to configure and change, but by leveraging the power of Windows-based configuration tools, the BusinessGuardian solution can be configured by even the most non-technical user.


6. I have invested a lot of money in my existing telephone system. Do I have to throw it all away? The BusinessGuardian solution will indeed replace several of the components of your existing system. However, you can most likely retain all of your existing telephone handsets. It is probable that your reseller will offer you an extremely attractive trade-in deal and even provide a competitive leasing arrangement to help make the investment even easier.


7. What exactly is "CTI?" Does it really integrate the functionality of my PC and my telephone system? How does it work? CTI (or Computer Telephony Integration) is a new technology which combines the power of Windows-based interfaces with the standard telephone. So, rather than having a complicated telephone handset (or "Feature phone") on each desk, you keep the telephone you already have and use the PC to allow you to configure features such as Call Forwarding, Conferencing, Voice Mail, and more. In addition, CTI delivers a simple pop-up screen as soon as your phone rings. This screen will show you the number of the person who is calling, and - if you have an Outlook database - will even display the address and details of the caller.


8. What is Unified Messaging? How is it going to help my business? Unified Messaging provides the management of voice mails through Microsoft Outlook. This means you would be notified of the arrival of a voice mail in the same fashion as you would an email, allowing you to respond the same way.


9. It seems there is a new technology coming to the market every month. DSL, voice-over-IP, fax server - these are all things I am hearing about. Why should I invest in the Voxent solution now? The BusinessGuardian solution enables you to utilise existing proven technologies while ensuring that you are able to take advantage of new technologies - without having to throw out your existing investment - as they become available.


10. Where can I go to buy this? Is it an all-in-one package, or will I have to buy more than the BusinessGuardian product?

You can buy the BusinessGuardian solution from your local authorised reseller or us direct. The BusinessGuardian system is offered as an all-in-one solution dependent priced upon the number of telephone ports and ISDN lines you require. The requirement for your business will be determined by working with us or your reseller.