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Features and Benefits, The Business Guardian Phone System


The BusinessGuardian System


Multiple network access

Supports connections with the public network using ISDN BRI & PRI

- gives fast access for data connections

- wide choice of service options i.e. video conferencing

Reduced line rentals

BusinessGuardian eliminates the need for multiple lines by replacing them with a single connection

- reduces running costs

- eliminates need for dedicated devices and associated maintenance contracts

Modular design

Accommodates business need to add additional users or services by simply adding or replacing cards

- protects initial investment

- minimizes disruption to office routines to carry out basic upgrades

- system can grow with the business

Future proof

Takes full advantage of existing network services with easy migration to new services as they emerge i.e. VoIP, SDSL etc.

- maximizes investment

- reduces cost of ownership

- gives freedom to choose best service for your business

Fully featured PBX

Offers all the functionality expected from a PBX system

- protects investment

- no need to compromise on service


Failure of data network will not prevent PBX functions from working

Dual PSU option "X600 only" Supports Load balancing and failover

- continuity of service

- flexible operating environments

- reduced cost of ownership

IP routing

Internet access


Supports RIP and RIP II to give each user access to the Internet

Provides port level filtering and protection against D.O.S attacks

- enables e-commerce

- shared resource among staff

- safer access to information i.e. with 24x7 internet services being available your private network will be more secure from outside attacks



The BusinessGuardian software suite


Unified mes saging

All messages, email, voice mail  are captured and stored in your ‘inbox’

- promotes efficient use of existing applications

- increases productivity

- simplifies message retrieval either at work or remotely

Microsoft integration with support for MAPI/TAPI (Microsoft Application Program Interface/ Telephony Application Program Interface)

Takes advantage of familiar Microsoft applications to integrate voice and data communications direct from the PC – also third party application developer support

- provides more features

- reduces cost of investment

- gives access to wide variety of third party applications i.e. call center solutions

Remote message retrieval

Allows you to remotely access your messages – voice and emails by phone.

- increases productivity

- allows for flexible working

- keeps remote staff in touch irrespective of location

Desktop call control

Allows you to manipulate your calls from the PC and create new contact ‘records’ dynamically while conducting a call

- reduces administrative costs

- increases productivity

- enhances customer services and relations

CLI (caller line identifier)

Recognizes and displays calling party number and can be tied into client database for caller record display

- projects big company image

- enhances customer service

- increases productivity

Auto attendant

Automatically answer calls and direct caller to appropriate dept. or person. Can also direct out-of-hours calls to voicemail.

- reduces administration costs

- increases productivity

- enhances customer services

Directory services

When operator is unavailable or for out of hours.  Prompts caller to spell  either first or last name of person they wish to speak with and the system then puts the call through

- reduces administrative costs

- enhances customer services

- enables messages to be left with individuals ‘out-of-hours’

Least cost routing

Calls can be routed over the least expensive network and can be programmed to use different networks at different times of the day

- greatly reduces call costs

- enables priority control depending on call type or destination for different networks         

Operator console

‘virtual switchboard’ software providing receptionist or selected person visibility and access to entire company lines and extensions status

- provides efficient call management and distribution

- reduces administrative costs

- enhances customer relations

Call conferencing

Enables up to 16 people to attend meetings by telephone

- reduces costs by cutting out unnecessary travel

- increases productivity